Passover Favorite: Matzo Brittle

We all love holidays that are centered around food. Passover is no exception. One of our favorite Passover treats? Matzo Brittle – matzo topped with toffee and chocolate. It’s easy, quick in the kitchen and satisfies the craving for cookies (a no no for the week). Variations are endless – milk chocolate-topped, dark chocolate-topped, dried coconut too.  Four simple ingredients […]

Lenten Delights

One of our favorite local Mexican bakeries, La Monarca, is honoring Lent with a few traditional Mexican specialties. We’re fans of the Capirotada, a traditional bread pudding-like pastry filled with toasted bolillo soaked in piloncillo, dried fruits and cotija cheese. We’re particularly fascinated by the history behind the dish – it carries a rich symbolism that reminds families of the […]